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Game: Tales of Tamar Amiga-Version V0.36R3
Changes of the latest Amiga version 036R3 of "Tales Of Tamar", the round based online game:

  • Paula DMA sounds were not played correctly if the samples were too long. Fixed
  • FigurMenu could be drawn outside the screen. Fixed
  • A building that was build but not finished could not be build again, only if you reset the town. Fixed
  • All screens check now ChipRAM and if there is not enough availble leave out DMA samples.
  • Map has not freed all elements, the memory was fragmented. Fixed.
  • The Corn Store has not freed all memory. Fixed.
  • If you want to increase your army incl. armor the number of weapons and armor was not checked correctly. Fixed.
  • In armies like heavy and medium Infantry other / wrong units moved. Fixed.
Registered beta testers will find the update at the usual location. (ps)

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