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Aminet Uploads until 29.06.2001
DigiCamGUI.lha       comm/misc    4K+TritonRexx based GUI for DigiCam v1.0
UrlBase.lha          comm/www    70K+Universal file based Favorit Link List S
vzy-murderer.lha     demo/aga   2.5M+Monochrome Demo by Veezya
obligement27.lha     demo/mag   651K+Obligement #27 - The Famous FRENCH fanzi
vzy-emb02.lha        demo/sound 619K+Embrion #02 Chippack by Veezya
vzy-emb03.lha        demo/sound 594K+Embrion #03 Chippack by Veezya
vzy-emb04.lha        demo/sound 784K+Embrion #04 Chippack by Veezya
vzy-emb05.lha        demo/sound 806K+Embrion #05 Chippack by Veezya
xit-itf.lha          demo/sound 324K+Into The Flow by X-It
clockita.lha         dev/basic   74K+Italian clock+alarm+source code (bugfix)
Sashimi.lha          dev/debug   17K+Enhanced drop-in replacement for Sushi, 
Wipeout.lha          dev/debug   65K+Traces and munges memory and detects mem
gtlayout.lha         dev/gui    408K+GadToools layout toolkit
tsgui.lha            disk/misc   44K+Create or write back image files (ADF) f
BRAlltimeleagu.lha   game/data    6K+All time greatest teams from Brasil for 
JumpingAround.lha    game/demo  189K+JumpNRun demo game, working in progress
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  475K+BreakOut demo game, working in progress
Diamchal.lha         game/misc  367K+Platform: collect diamonds V1.2 !UPDATE!
stefadv.lha          game/text   23K+Little italian text adventure
stefadv2.lha         game/text   68K+2nd little italian text adventure
Aye_Q.lha            game/wb     36K+My version of a peg game...
Hexa_Q.lha           game/wb     37K+Surprise!! A new peg game...
Knight.lha           game/wb     36K+Move a Knight on a chess board
YambMUI.lha          game/wb     49K+Game with dices. (V1.29) *BUGFIX*
DblPal_ME.lha        hard/drivr  83K+DBLPAL:825x564 monitor driver for AGA
Euro72_ME.lha        hard/drivr   4K+Euro72(79Hz):825x625 monitor driver for 
dzy-a_spell_on.lha   mods/med   288K+A Spell on you, Trance mod by Dazzy
DZY-Lick.lha         mods/med   945K+Lickit - Trance mod by Dazzy of Soundfor
DZY-The_sound.lha    mods/med   288K+The Sound, Nu-NRG mod by Dazzy
GameIcons3.lha       pix/gicon  3.5M+Great GlowIcons for 232 Amiga games.
fom3p23.jpg          pix/henz   452K+Lonely beach on the planet Venus
fom3p24.jpg          pix/henz   389K+Lonely beach on the planet Venus
Textloader.lha       text/edit  630K+TextEd (V 8.2b) german/english SuperED!!
KillCD0.lha          util/boot    6K+Kill CD0 on CDTV, A570 & CD32 & use othe
ToolManager_GR.lha   util/boot    1K+Greek locale catalog for ToolManager 
ToolsDaemon_GR.lha   util/boot    2K+Greek locale catalogs for ToolsDaemon
GhostBusterV2.lha    util/cdity  35K+Automatically hides invalid disk icons

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