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VHT - Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus warning: Bobek2 & Ebola Link Virus found
Another archive that is infected with the 'Bobek2' link virus has been found. It was on Aminet for a short time, but is has been removed now. But there just might be a few more archives out there, so take care..

Here is some info about the archive:

Archive name : Hjb-DVN2.ha
Archive size : 1.334.619 bytes
Archive info : HJB - Devotion, issue two.
Infected file : Devoprefs
Infected size : 30.492 bytes
Infected with : Bobek2 & Ebola link virus

The archive is safe to use after removing the viruses from the Devoprefs file. Use VirusExecutor, VirusZ & VirusChecker, with (and this is very important) the xvs.library v33.26. The correct size after removing the virus is: 28.340 bytes

The programmer of this archive, was not aware that his system was infected with virus, but I'm sure that his system is clean now, we have told him..

So if you have installed or executed this archive, please check your system for virus.......

In this context also have a look at the Aminet Message of the day:

  • VIRUS ALERT. We've run a complete virus check of Aminet and found the following infected and otherwise dubious files: demo/mag/Hjb-DVN2.lha demo/euro/Itchy_3_Germs.lha game/gag/gzus001.lzh, game/gag/VirusHunter.lzh (the last 3 are pretty harmless). All of those are recognized by VirusExecutor.lha
  • VIRUS ALERT. Some old files (2 years) turned out to be DKG-Blum infected (not known to us at the time). The files were in demo/aga and had the names PSY-Hal.lha Psy-tt2.lha PSY-xmas.lha and PSY-CV.lha . VirusExecutor.lha will detect that virus.

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