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Czech Amiga News

On 30. June 2001 Joerg Strohmayer has released version 2.10 of the news-reader 'PINT' for UMS. This reader originally was developed by Magnus Heino and David Rydh.

Changes since the prior version:
  • New: Partial support of displaying of messages with the following font coding: iso-8859-2, 3, 4, 9, 14, and 15.
  • Changed: The DEL key function was changed to not to delete messages immediately, but to set the expired+old+junk flags.
  • Removing of "(was: ...)" from the subject line of replies/followups.
UMS is a system to read/write e-mails and postings and supports several networks, like Usenet, Z-Netz, Fido, and Maus via im-/exporters.

Download: PINT.lha (224K) (sd)

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