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Aminet Uploads until 02.07.2001
DOpus416JRbin.lha    biz/dopus  873K+Great filemanager from GP Software
TaskiSMS_GR.lha      comm/tcp    13K+Greek documentation for TaskiSMS v 2.55+
TaskiSMS_TUR.lha     comm/tcp   155K+Turkey translation for TaskiSMS
DFT_BW2-1.lha        demo/slide 824K+Black'n'White 2 / DRIFTERS - 1992 (slide
DFT_BW2-2.lha        demo/slide 806K+Black'n'White 2 / DRIFTERS - 1992 (slide
FD2Pragma.lha        dev/misc   191K+V2.134 create pragma, inline, ... files
uncat.lha            dev/misc     7K+Create .cd file from running program
FlashROM.lha         disk/cdrom  17K+Amiga tool to change the flash ROM of Pl
NotizieAmiga.lha     docs/lists 911K+Mailing-list NotizieAmiga 06/2001 (Itali
Bdynamite.lha        game/data  308K+A significantly improved style/graphics 
BdynamiteMplb.lha    game/data    6K+A Bdynamite graphics module for the Dyna
F1GP_2001.lha        game/data   10K+2001 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (1 July)
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  478K+BreakOut demo game, working in progress
zangband.lha         game/role  1.2M+Zangband 2.6.1 - Roguelike solo RPG
vcdimager.lha        gfx/conv   311K+VCDImager (WarpUP and 68k Supported)
x3270_3_2_16.lha     gfx/x11    1.1M+For 3270-access to IBM-Mainframes (requi
Medication.lha       hard/misc  108K+V1.01: A powerfull GUI for Mediator owne
Med_Up.lha           hard/misc   48K+Medication update archive for 1.0 users
imdbDiff010622.lha   misc/imdb  1.7M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
ForbiddenColor.lha   mods/chip    1K+Short chip tune named Forbidden Colours
tek_aosXB.lha        pix/boot   2.9M+AmigaOSX - rainboot2-3 config os2-3.X
tek_aosXB_prv.jpg    pix/boot    87K+AmigaosXboot - rainboot config preview
ltools23_demo.lha    text/misc   47K+Multifunctional dictionary progrM
Voodoo-X.lha         util/arc   121K+V1.5, Supports over 80 archive formats (
vht-vg33.lha         util/virus  99K+VirusWarning.Guide v3.3 (VHT-DK)
(as) (Translation: sk)

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