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Fun Time World

Compiler: vbcc V0.8
Volker Barthelmann released version 0.8 of his portable ANSI-C compiler 'vbcc'.

This compiler is open source. There are backends for m68k, PPC, i368, DEC Alpha, c16c, and HC12. Program code for AmigaOS, several Unix variants, and Windows can be generated.

The archive released for Amiga computers contains the compiler, preprocessor, assembler, linker, frontend, message browser, startup codes, C libraries, amiga.lib, replacements, as well as several other tools for generating code for AmigaOS/68k, WarpOS, PowerUp, and MorphOS.

Most of the tools (but not all of them) are available as binaries runnable on 68k Amigas or PPC Amigas with WarpOS or PowerUp.

The following has changed since the prior Amiga version:
  • Bugfix: several bugs fixed in compiler, optimizer, tools, and libraries.
  • Changed: enhanced generating of code.
  • Changed: enhanced optimization, incl. inter-procedural-, cross-module-optimization and alias-analysis.
  • New: some c99 features supported:
    • long long
    • flexible array-members as a structure's last element
    • mixing of statements and declarations
    • declarations inside of the for-loop
    • inline function-specifier
    • restrict-qualifier
    • Vararg-Makros.
    • _Pragma
    • increased translation-limits.
    • stdint.h
  • New: Stack check as well as measurement of the stack size required.
  • New: Documentation in PDF- and HTML format.
  • New: New Attributes like '__amigainterrupt' and '__section'.
  • New: New #pragmas for PPC like 'amiga-align', etc.
  • New: Inline-headers for the WarpOS PPC-native-libraries.
  • New: (Backend-specific) pre-defined makros.
  • Changed: Enhanced libraries and headers.
  • Changed: New versions of Frank Wille's assemblers and linkers.
  • New: Use of a built-in preprocessors.
  • New: MorphOS support.
The developer kit runs on AmigaOS 2.0 and above with at least 1 MB RAM. But to compile bigger programs definite more RAM is required.

To compile Amiga programs the AmigaOS includes are required in addition (Developer-CD by Amiga, Geek Gadgets CD, and similar).

Download: vbcc.lha (3,6M), Readme (sd) (Translation: mj)

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