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Aminet Uploads until 05.07.2001
DOpus416JRsrc.lha    biz/dopus  981K+Great filemanager from GP Software
DigiCamGUI.lha       comm/misc    6K+TritonRexx based GUI for DigiCam v1.01
PinkFloyd.lha        demo/intro 1.7M+Vidi_Pink_Demo
vbcc.lha             dev/c      3.6M+Optimizing ISO C compiler (68k/WarpOS/Po
SetFileSize.lha      disk/misc   14K+Truncate or expand a file
AIOV48.lha           docs/mags  560K+Amiga Information Online, Issue 48 (June
eyangband.lha        game/role  808K+EyAngband 0.3.3 - Roguelike solo RPG
gumband.lha          game/role  975K+Gumband 2.1.7a - Roguelike solo RPG
psiangband.lha       game/role  741K+PsiAngband 1.3.0 - Roguelike solo RPG
vcdimager_077.lha    gfx/conv   535K+VCDImager 0.7.7 Beta (WarpUP and 68k Sup
amifig31.lha         gfx/edit   308K+Structured drawing tool v3.1, Xfig compa
amifig31_68k.lha     gfx/edit   338K+Structured drawing tool v3.1, Xfig compa
mouseps2.lha         hard/hack   12K+PS/2 Mouse conv. No drivers needed! v1.0
mamevg37b16.lha      misc/emu   2.5M+MAME Visual Guide 37b16 Addendum - PDF I
sg-strip_13.lha      pix/misc    48K+[ancor] strip 13 of the online-comic
sg-strip_14.lha      pix/misc    41K+[ancor] strip 14 of the online-comic
ReqToolsLib.lha      util/libs  195K+V39 reqtools.library w/src (AROS back po
ACE-Startup.lha      util/wb     15K+WBStartup-Prog for ACE-Progs
MemoryRemV1-18.lha   util/wb     57K+Clock-Replace, shows actual RAM & Larges

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