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Timo Kloss (E-Mail)

Graphic Adventure Engine: Inga Beta
Timo Kloss wrote:
The developer pack for the graphic adventure engine 'Inga' was finished, more or less. Thus I'm now wanting beta testers.

Since the engine itself was not finished, yet, testing will focus the tools and manual. The following shall be checked:
  • Are the developer programs bug-free?
  • Do these run on any machine?
  • Are there suggestions for the tools?
  • Is the manual complete and plain?
  • Of course also the runability of the engine shall be tested.
If you are interested, please contact and provide close information about your configuration (hardware, software, versions, etc.)

The people elected will then receive the developer pack as digital version, only, (that is to say without the printed manual, but with a text file) and are enabled to purchase it at the half price on release. You will be allowed to go on using the digital version, anyway.

The developer pack runs on: AmigaOS V3.0+, CPU 68020+, graphics board with CyberGraphX. (sd) (Translation: mj)

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