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Jobs: Bonehead Development - help wanted
Newly founded Bonehead Development needs help for High-End Amiga game.

Yes, thats right! The newly founded game developer Bonehead Development is seeking help for their new and first project. We need all kind of people working with us and don't think twice about sending in your work to us. Please mail us soon!

Wer are a very small group of people who want to aim high on the gaming market with our first project called "Z-Squad" which is a mix of horror, 3d action, humour, beat 'em up, and strategy. We are early in development, in fact that early that we need help to get it going and we need GFX artists, coders, sketch artists, musicians, sound artists, and maybe some more. We hope that the game will be released both to Amiga and PC, cause we're seeing very serious in the matter and were not doing it out of good will. In other words, if there's no money there's no game. We want your work, but please don't mail us your 20MB demo before letting us know, cause our mail-server is a bit slow.

PS: It's an advantage if you live in Sweden, but no demand. So now, send us your work and we will answer all of those who will mail us.

With Regards Fredrik Robertsson Game Designer and in charge of this project

Contact address: Fredrik Robertsson (sd) (Translation: mj)

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