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Amiga Future

History: ExoticA extended
The ExoticA website deals with the music capabilities and history of the Amiga.

On the website you will find exotic Amiga music, demo information, Amiga games cover-scans, utilities, disk magazines, and more of nostalgic and historic value from the Amiga world.

On 14. July 2001 the site was updated and many new things were added:
  • The 'BP-SoundMon-section' was extended.
  • Missing Newsflash issues were added - this disk magazine contains many exclusive software and music reviews.
  • 'The tracker history' is now online, again, and can be found in the 'Info-section'.
  • The 'Demo Scene Reference Manual' and 'The Demo Pack Reference Manual' were extended very much.
Closer information can be taken from the news site of ExoticA. (sd) (Translation: mj)

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