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Thomas Steiding (E-Mail)

e.p.i.c. interactive: Feeble Ubdate
Thomas Steiding of e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment GmbH wrote:

Update & FAQs about The Feeble Files

As announced last week we require at least 400 pre-orders to enable an Amiga port of the cartoon adventure The Feeble Files. Including today's entries we received 232 pre-orders and we are hoping, that the following days will bring the rest. The game can be pre-orders from us ( or from any stockist.

With the enclosed FAQ we hope to be able to answers some frequently asked questions regarding the announcement.

Q: What is The Feeble Files about?

A: The Feeble Files is the official sequel to Simon The Sorcerer II by the British Adventuresoft company. Feeble is a little green alien having the task to make circles in grain fields on earth. He lives in a world restrictively ruled by the Omnibrain and he is an honest citizen never violating the group's big catalog of rules. But one day this kind hearted gawky stumbles into a full-grown conspiracy against the Omnibrain. As one can see from the screenshots on our homepage, the characters of this game are fully rendered. The game comes along with complete German or English spoken samples. The German games magazine PC-Games rated the title at 80%, then. The German vocals came for example from the German movie voices of Brad Pitt, Whoopi Goldberg, and Roseanne. More information and topical Mac screenshot are to find on our homepage.

Q: What Amiga do I need for The Feeble Files?

A: The Feeble Files requires an Amiga equipped with a 4 MB graphics board and 32 MB of memory. Furthermore a 68060 OR a PPC CPU is required. Theoretically the game would run on a 68040/40, but sure would be very very slow on this configuration.

Q: When will the game be out?

A: As soon as we have received 400 pre-orders (no matter if those were directly ordered from us or from a vendor - who forwards the orders to us), we will start to port the game to the Amiga. Due to the porting engine of our leader of development, Paul Burkey, the game then should be shipping for the Amiga within 6 weeks!!

Q: Will there be more Amiga games from e.p.i.c. interactive?

A: Theoretically it would be possible to port to the Amiga more games currently available for the Apple Macintosh. But since license fees for other games, e.g. like in case of the Settlers clone Knights&Merchants or the RPG-mix Gorky 17, are much more expensive (and hence the number of sales to be expected for an Amiga version must be higher), it is clear: If The Feeble Files port will not become reality, we don't need to start thinking about more games. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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