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Rudolph Riedel (E-Mail)

File Manager: DiskMaster2 V2.5b11
On 20. July 2001 Rudolph Riedel released version 2.5b11 of the file manager 'DiskMaster', as well as '' v1.96, and '', v1.96 on his homepage.

The most important innovations:
  • Bugfix: 'Swap' runs again
  • Bugfix: the Startup.DM buffer wasn't always initialized correctly.
  • Changed: 'AddCmd' now also accepts hex-numbers for the colour pen number.
  • Bugfix: the colours set by 'Color' are now marked as used under OS3.9+, too.
  • New: 'SetX' has got a new parameter: 'UserColors'.
  • Changed: only screens with at least 4 colours are opened.
  • Changed: the command button colours are swapped now, instead of inverting the colour pen number, as done before.
  • Bugfix: up to 200 GB should be viewed correctly, now.

(sd) (Translation: mj)

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