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Start-up: Siemens Mobile Acceleration GmbH (smac)
The Siemens Mobile Acceleration GmbH (smac) is a company newly founded by Siemens to promote mobile business companies. The company now settled in an office building in Oberhaching near Munich, Germany, offering 30 jobs for future start-up staffers.

The Siemens Mobile Acceleration GmbH wants to promote the worldwide most attractive business ideas of mobile business to fast and successful enter the market, and they want to be one of the top-players of acceleration business, soon.

To achieve this smac makes a wide range of services and infrastructure facilities available to the companies promoted, from professional management coaching, consulting in questions of strategy and law, help in employees recruitment, PR, marketing, and advertisement up to resourcing of office rooms and seed capital. Most of all important for the start-ups are the access to the latest technical innovations in the globals research compound of Siemens, which also enables extended test simulations. Additionally millions of customers can be reached via Siemens' worldwide distribution network.

In the first business year the company has 20 millions Euro available for promoting.

After the location in Munich another location in Europe is planned for Stockholm. Offices in Asia and the U.S.A. are to follow as a next step. It is planned to admit up to ten start-ups per region every year, all in all 30 per year. At the time being five start-ups are part of the last shortlist.

Interested start-ups will receive more information from the Siemens Mobile Acceleration GmbH by phone: +49 (0)89 636-29141. (sd) (Translation: mj)

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