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ANN / Christoph Meier (ANF)

ANN: AmiWest 2001: Keynote speech online (update 2)
Christoph Meier wrote:
For the greater benefit of the Amiga Community Darren Eveland had placed (in mp3 format) the AmiWest 2001 keynote speech on his ftp server... You may download the 9 megabyte mp3 file to hear all the great announcements made by Amiga Inc.

  • Merlancia Industries has exclusive rights to Walker and Amiga MCC designs.
  • Amiga Inc. to release Amiga OS 1.0 X86 November 1st. They showed a live demo at Amiwest.
  • Amiga Inc. to release Amiga OS PPC November 1st. This will run on the Amiga One, which will also be released November 1st, 2001.
  • Much news about Amiga DE and other things...

  • server:
  • username: amiga
  • password: amiga
Enjoy this GREAT news!
Darren Eveland - aka. HammerD

Additional download links for the speech of Bill McEwen:
keynote.mp3 (9 MB)
keynote.mp3 (9 MB)

Update 2:

ANN: Amiga CEO Amiwest Question and Answer session online
Darren Eveland now has made available for download the questions Bill McEwen was asked and the answers he gave as mp3 file.

User name: amiga
Password: amiga

A maximum of 20 users can download simultaneous. (ps)

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