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Olaf Koebnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: Special price, interview with Frank Reibold
Amiga Arena - Special Price Project I
In cooperation with Max Larsson the Amiga Arena enables a special price for the CD version of 'Digital Universe'.

'Digital Universe' is an astronomy software for both amateur and professional astronomers. More information are to find under

Visitors of the Amiga Arena can purchase the CD version of 'Digital Universe' from Max Larsson (distribution for Germany) at the special price of 99,- DM until 31. August 2001 (original price 289,- DM).

The developers of 'Digital Universe' told me that development was not stopped. A survey regarding 'Digital Universe' can be found on the homepage.

Amiga Arena - Interview Project
An extended interview with Frank Reibold, developer of 'MicroPaint' and 'MicroBase' is online (German / English). Special thank to Christian B. for the translation.

Amiga Arena - Special Price Project II
In cooperation with Frank Reibold the Amiga Arena enables a special price for both programs 'MicroPaint' and 'Microbase'.

The most important features of 'MicroPaint' are it's functions for image editing and it's Un*x / Linux compatibility (extract):
  • up to 256 colours on AA machines
  • IntelliFont support, font styles, draw modes, colour fonts
  • all graphic modes of your computer are supported
  • flexible spray function
  • multi spray: spray with random colours
  • invert / colourise graphics
  • swap colours
  • ARexx port
  • lists the lastly used files in the project menu
'MicroBase' offers the following options at the time being (extract):
  • Im/export of ASCII files in the formats of SuperBase Professional 4, BECKERtext III, Documentum 2, ProWrite, TransWrite, Personal Write; possible adjustment to other formats
  • Flexible functions to search and replace field contents, e.g. multiply field contents by a constant.
  • field names can have up to 20 characters and may contain blanks.
  • direct access via dataset numbers
  • filter function
More information are to find under

Amiga Arena - Special Price Project III
The following special price projects will expire, soon:
  • LangTool until 31. July 01
  • SoundFX until 01. August 01
  • XadMaster Lib until 14. August 01
  • GeoWorld until 15. August 01

Amiga Arena Full Version
With permission of Per B. (Marble Eys) the reader's CD of the Amiga Future #32 (German Amiga games print magazine) will come with the ego shooter 'Genetic Species' along with other full versions.

More infos about this issue are to find under (sd) (Translation: mj)

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