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Bernd ´Bernie´ Meyer (E-Mail)

Interview with Bernd 'Bernie' Meyer and Harald Frank / Amithlon-FAQ
On the AmiWest 2001 show Amiga, Inc. introduced the 'AmigaOS x86' product, which is about 'Amithlon' being an Amiga emulator developed by Harald Frank (VMC) and Bernd Meyer (UAE-JIT).

We asked Bernd ´Bernie´ Meyer and Harald Frank to give us some information about their project 'Amithlon' and sent them the following questions via e-mail:

"In our comments section the term of ´Amithlon´ is accumulating. Gary Peake named Harald Frank for the developer of this Amiga emulation for x86 in the IRC log-file from the AmiWest show. To deliver our readers some insight to your project we would be happy if you could account for giving us a somewhat closer view of your technic.

Of course we are in especially interested in how this idea to develop a new Amiga emulator for x86 platforms came up, which problems you met in doing it, how about the status of development, and of course from when and where the product will be available."

Bernd ´Bernie´ Meyer bothered creating a FAQ answering frequently asked questions. You will find this FAQ under the title link.

It must be pointed out that this is no official document from Amiga, Inc., but simply Bernd Meyer's answers to frequently asked questions to thereby clear up misunderstandings. Supposedly there will be a press release about 'AmigaOS x86' by Amiga published on the Amiga Inc. website within the next days. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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