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Andy Silva (ANF)

Tool: Amiga Filterium - extendable ripper and filetype tool
With the following message Andreas 'da Silva' Szabo introduces his new, flexible and extendable datatype processor and Ripper.

Short: flexible filetype processor and ripper
Author: (Andreas 'da Silva' Szabo)
Type: util/misc
Version: 1.1, 7/2001
Requires: - any amiga or uae
- filerequester library like asl, reqtools or arp
- optionally xfd/xpk/xad/xvs...
Distribution: NoCD

features overview:
  • knows, rips, converts a total value of about 400 game/demo scene related file types (about 100 self, others by accessing libraries)
  • find music, pictures, text and much more in memory, in files like demos/intros, packed files, etc
  • decrunch with XFD/XAD/XPK (all modes) recursively
  • convert mods back to Protracker (like Prowizard)
  • rip loaders and intros from boot loading games/demos
  • monitor files or memory as bitplane/hex/asc, mark ranges
  • decrypt data with eor
  • use your preferred file requester
  • check for viruses with XVS
  • highly configurable
  • interactive and automatically processing by script language

This introduces a _new_ standard of file type identification and ripper all in one. It works together with standard interfaces like shell (give arguments in command line), Workbench (set tooltypes), opus, arexx and appicon.

Highly configurable, for example: you can specify file type specific save directories and output filename extensions. Macros for custom processing methods can be defined.

It can invoke external programs, example: send the outputs to Multiview.

Amiga Filterium is based on plugins. Programmers can easily extend the power of this tool by writing more afilter-plugins. If you are interested:

The purpose of this release is to motivate YOU to try this out and maybe join to the development team as author of a plugin, beta tester or other. Its totally actual and maybe there was never something else like this. Lets get this chance! Lets make it top and standard!

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