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Matthias Gietzelt (ANF)

Programming language: Emperor V4.1
Emperor is an object oriented programming language enabling programming of applications both for the new AmigaOS 3.9 and for AmigaOS 2.0 in the easiest way. Standard GUI elements, windows, menus, requesters, ASL requesters, ReAction and GadTools gadgets are integrated just by mouse-clicks and can be programmed using macro functions and the integrated text editor.

The gadgets can communicate with each other by the so called interconnection maps implemented, without typing even one line of source code. Creating of locale catalogs and variables, implementing libraries, etc. is likewise easy.

Emperor has an easy to see though and user friendly ReAction interface and comes with an extended online manual in ".guide" format. Thus programming the new AmigaOS becomes child's play!

Emperor has the following features:
  • Direct visualising available for every element.
  • Generates C/C++- source code.
  • Integrated text editor
  • StormC connection via ARexx
  • Generates source code for AmigaOS 2.0, AmigaOS 3.9 or in mixed mode
  • Transparent layout
Characteristics of Emperor v4.1:
  • French catalog added (written by Olivier Martin - many thanks!).
  • Translation for prepared menus and gadgets added.
  • Attributes for text editor, speed-bar, and space-gadget added.
  • New and specialized type of requester (Reaction style).
  • ARexx script changed / problems while project transfer fixed.
  • Fix positions for attribute window removed.
  • Problem with preview window fixed.
  • Array for speed-bar buttons added.
  • Problems with arrays fixed.
  • Adjustment fields extended with GadTools gadgets.
  • Configurable path to includes and libs.
  • Main window layout changed (no overlapping gadgets, anymore).
  • Requester added, if menu item "New" was chosen.
  • Error fixed in menu item "New".
  • Error fixed in menu item "Delete".
  • Selectable generation of macro functions.
  • Generated source code is considerably smaller by omitting unused macro functions (about 40 %).
  • Initially opened window for own project can be chosen.
  • Error fixed in source code when generated with one gadget only.
  • Specific project directory configurable.
  • Error fixed while opening old projects containing a slider.
  • Creation of locale files selectable.
  • Creation of Storm projects selectable.
  • Text editor now operates changes made correctly.
  • Saving of character lines containing a linefeed ('\n') is no problem, anymore.
  • amigaguide.library opened due to starting problems.
Version 4.1 of the program is available from Aminet "dev/c".
Download: Emperor_v4.1.lha (ps) (Translation: mj)

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