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Kevin Orme (ANF)

Website: Amiga University updated
OK. We've done quite a bit of work since the last update, and while that was too long ago (mid May, blame too much work travel! :) we've got some cool stuff up there now for you!

1) New Pages. Not only have we gone back and re-verified links throughout the site (we are up to ~2,000 links, probably only about 15% of those are 'within site') we have added new AmigaDE, Draco, and TVPaint pages as well as a huge slew of REBOL links to the 'rebol on the web' page in our programming section. There are many other new links throughout the site in its various sections as well, please let us know if we missed *your* site. If it has to do with Amigas and especially learning how to use them, enjoy them, etc., we're all ears. :)

2) Site Mirrors and Archives. We are pleased to announce that thanks to Bob Maple, Paul R. Santa-Maria and Marc Albrecht we have been able to 'preserve' three Amiga sites otherwise having been taken down, namely 'Zip Drives and the Amiga', 'Motorola 68000 Resources' and the former website. Take a look from the 'site archives' link off the home page.

Even cooler is the generosity of David McMinn, who is allowing us to mirror his 'Blitz Basic 2000' site. This is still an active and growing site, even though at the moment he's changing servers on the home site in the UK, thus not all his content is online at the moment but that will soon change. Check it out!

3) Downloads. As you may or may not already know, we've had Bars & Pipes available for download for a long time, probably almost a year now. But we are pleased to announce that due to the generosity of NewTek, (who released Amiga TVPaint a while back as freeware), TVPaint is also now free to be distributed by other sites as well. We have created a ~4MB zip archive containing all you'll need to install this premier Amiga paint package (you'll need UnZip from Aminet as well as a graphics card, however, to use TVPaint - UAE/Amiga Forever users can also use it because they employ Picasso96 within the emulation). To help thank NewTek for their continued support of the Amiga community, if you use a PC, buy a copy of Aura, their newest and incredibly powerful paint/graphics package - you won't be disappointed.

In sum, come on back and check us out, we've got lots to offer and hopefully will have another large site update next month to announce. In the meantime, enjoy! (sd)

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