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Michael Asse (ANF)

Project: AmigaFFE status
I would like to give a short update of the topical status of the AmigaFFE-project. Due to the fact that the release of the source code of Frontier-First Encounters (quotation: "..when it's done.") I would like to suggest a small project that deals with Frontier, too.

Maybe some of you know the game "Elite - The New Kind". It is a Elite version, that looks slightly better then the original Amiga version. The Allegro-library (used for the new version of First Encounters, too) is used for the programming of this game (for Windows). Here is my question: Is out there any interest in a port of this game (for practice)?

Furthermore, I get an email containing the info that Alive Mediasoft already had a running version of First Encounters that was never finished. Does someone out there have any contact information (e-mail, snailmail) of one or more former employee of Alive? Because I would like to ask them if we could finish this version.

The analysis of the actual situation will be seperated in two parts:
  1. Technical information concerning the game (shortkeys, engine, and so on)
  2. Some kind list about what we can do and what we can not concerning the port.
In the near future I will put some impressions for example pictures on my page. I will publish the soundtrack (MIDI and maybe MP2 version, too.

If you did not hear anything about the AmigaFFE-project here are some information: The AmigaFFE-project wants to port the game Frontier First Encounters, the successor of Frontier Elite II, to the Amiga.

This is an "Everyone's Invited"-project. That means that everyone is welcomed to join the team wether he/she wants to program or 'just' write the documentation. Further details are available at the title link. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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