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Fun Time World

Blittersoft: Future development of iFusion
The future development of iFusion

We are pleased to announce agreements with several partners to bring new features and enhance iFusion. This is part of our commitment of continued development.

Microcode Solutions
When Blittersoft purchased iFusion, we did so with an agreement to allow Microcode Solutions to add new features for us. We are pleased to say that we have now agreed the following news features to be added:

  • Direct SCSI - Allowing direct CD-ROM, Scanners, etc. (with appropriate Mac drivers)
  • Networking - Allowing networking between iFusion and another computer
  • Parallel/Serial support - Allowing printing and modem use.

Merlancia Industries
We have signed a developer agreement with Merlancia Industries. This will initially provide a new GUI for iFusion, but other features are possible in the future.

Haage & Partner
We have signed a developer agreement with Haage & Partner. This is to devote more time to the Blizzard PPC problem with iFusion. Other features are also possible. (ps)

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