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Olaf Köbnik (email)

Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena - interview campaign
An interview with Sebastian Bauer, the developer of, among other things, SimpleMail and FreeCiv is online. (main focus: FreeCiv)

Amiga Arena - full version
In co-operation with K.-P. Koljonen the Amiga Arena makes the release of "HippoPlayer v2.38" available! The HippoPlayer is a module player for the Amiga that supports a big number of formats.

Some facts about the HippoPlayer:
  • Screamtracker I, Fasttracker 1 & 2, Taketracker, Multitracker, 1-32 channels
  • "SID-Emulation" by Håkan Sundell & Ron Birk (runs with Kickstart 1.2, too)
  • "TFMX modules" (the normal ones as well as the 7-channels version)
  • Some 4 to 8 channels sample & synth formats
  • Easy-to-use 3D-Interface
  • Completely controlled via keyboard
  • AppWindow: simply drag icons into the window of HiP
  • ARexx
  • Public Screen support
  • Internal multitasking
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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