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Robert M. Münch (REBOL-ML)

REBOL: make-doc-pro V0.96
Robert M. Münch released version 0.9.6 of his documentation tool 'make-doc-pro' for the REBOL-Sytem. 'make-doc-pro' is an extended version of 'make-doc' by Carl Sassenrath. Changes:

  • Bugfix: Usage of 'EN' instead of 'US' for language-selection.
  • Bugfix: The browse()-function now gets a correct URL.
  • New: Markings for indents ('**', '***' and so on)
  • New: The floating-text now uses blockquote (CSS: 'justify').
  • New: Underline, italic and bold are now supported inside of a paragraph.
  • Change: 'make-doc-pro' now uses XYZstart, ... , XYZend-markings, for marking a special area for a certain format.

Download: (sd) (Translation: sk)

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