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Golem: Radeon 8500 - ATIs GeForce3-competitor comes in October
Radeon 7500 replaces Radeon 64 MB VIVO, FireGL 8800 complets FireGL 4
ATI announces three new gfxboards, especially the GeForce competitor Radeon 8500 and the professional variant FireGL 8800 are very interesting. Also new is the Radeon 7500, based upon the old Radeon gfx processor, but thanks to production in 0.15 micron has higher clock frequencies.
Complete article see title link (German).

More informations:
The Inquirer: ATI to attack Matrox market
The Inquirer: ATI threatens Nvidia
Heise: ATI-Grafikkarten mit Radeon 8500 im Oktober
Chip: Offiziell: ATI stellt neue Radeon-Grafikkarten vor
The Register: ATI unveils Radeon 8500, 7500
The Register: Nvidia lost 13% marketshare in Q2
Tom's Hardware: GeForce 3 Under Attack: ATi's Radeon 8500 Previewed
(cm) (Translation: gf)

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