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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus: New Trojan virus found
A new trojan has been found today. This trojan says that it will make a key-file that will work with over 250 programs. Well, I guess that there are someone that will fall for this kind of program. The trojan will delete every file that has the "key" in the name of the file, in your S:, Libs:, Devs: and L:.

This is what we know of the trojan:

Virus Type.... : Trojan
Trojan name... : MZ-MAKEY trojan
Trojan size... : 34.548 bytes (packed with StoneCracker)
Trojan size... : ? (we have not been able to unpack the file)
Archive name.. : MZ-MAKEY.lha
Archive size.. : 34.734 bytes (lha packed)

Archive info.. :

Master Key Generator!
make keys for all
programs you want
100% tested with more
of 250 programs!


(VHT-DK has removed the name and replaced it with 'xxxxxxxxx')

Don't trust programs like this, use your common sense before you try stupid programs like this.......

The xvs.library package will be released very soon.....

Thanks to 'Golds' for sending the archive, and to JEO for the test of the archive.
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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