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Andreas R. Kleinert (email)

Datatypes: akJFIF, akPNG and akTIFF updated
Andreas R. Kleinert has updated the following datatypes on the 14.08.2001 and made them available on his website for download. As always the datatypes are available in versions for several processors.

With datatypes you can display different data types in different programms without having to write your own display routines for these types.

akJFIF.datatype - V44.112 - (68k+ optional PPC/WOS)
akJFIF.datatype V44.112 - (PPC plugin)
akJFIF.datatype V44.112 - (WOS plugin)
akPNG.datatype V44.112 - (68k+ optional PPC/WOS)
akPNG.datatype V44.112 - (PPC plugin)
akPNG.datatype V44.112 - (WOS plugin)
akTIFF.datatype V44.112 - (68k+ optional PPC/WOS)
akTIFF.datatype V44.112 - (PPC plugin)
akTIFF.datatype V44.112 - (WOS plugin)
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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