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Scalos (ANF)

Workbench: Scalos Beta V40.10
Beta version 40.10 of the alternative Workbench 'Scalos' was released. This release in particular fixes several bugs.

Changes since prior version:
  • Repaired bug in updateicon which sometimes caused icons to appear in incorrect windows
  • Duplicating/cloning items now pops up the file copying progress window
  • Dragging multiple icons now shows one or two text lines under pointer telling how many files and drawers are being dragged
  • Fixed severe bug in wbl.c: WBNode's were allocated with AllocVecPooled() and freed with FreeVec()
  • Added a varargs version of SCA_ScreenTitleMsg()
  • Added flag to switch between Flag: old dragging (all icons visible) and new "icon stack"
  • Added new SCA_ScalosControl() tags SCALOSCTRLA_GetOldDragIconMode and SCALOSCTRLA_SetOldDragIconMode
  • IconWinCheckUpdate() now correctly updates INF_DefaultIcon flag and INF_SupportsLeaveOut attribute
  • Missed a CurrentDir() when renaming objects, leading to a directory lock getting never UnLock()ed
  • When D&D copying or moving icons, "Replace All" and "Abort" now should work correctly Message strings "xxx already exists" are now different when moving and copying objects
  • When moving icons inside window and new position overlaps other icon, the moved icons now jump back to their original positions
Bugs can be reported using the bug report site.

Download: ScalosBeta.lha (180K), History (sd) (Translation: mj)

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