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Back to the Roots: Amiga-News 232
"Back to the Roots" ( is far away from being dead. We are happy to announce that our traffic problems are fixed, as we now have a dedicated server in norway. A new problem which occured, ISDA the site terminators, tried to shut us down behind our back. We believe we fixed that issue, but unfortunately they don't have the culture to respond email communication they initiated themselves, so we decided to update and not let you all wait for them further. Read more about their attack on our news page.

Two new companies are supporting our project. From Soft Enterprises we can offer you the addictive puzzle games "Brain Artifice" and "Cube-X". Nightmare Productions are the creators of the rpg game "Antares". Other new games are: The entire "Premier Manager" series, Venus the flytrap, Switchblade 2, Colossus Bridge X, Alien Syndrome and more.

60 new scene demos from groups like Fairlight, Haujobb, Scoopex, Ambrosia, Cocoon or The Black Lotus have been added, while 150 new brilliant scene and game pictures were included to our pics-archive.

We're pleased to announce, that the famous games musician Andrew Barnabas has agreed to make his classic tunes (e.g. SWIV or Double Dragon III) available in our music section. And there are over 100 other new tunes from various composers ready for download. And last but not least we'd like to notify you about two new reviews of Melcom's great Audio CDs.

Respects from yours

Back to the Roots Team

Bobic + Hippie2000 (ps) (Translation: sk)

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