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Oliver Roberts

Datatypes: WarpDTPrefs and Datatypes from O. Roberts updated
Oliver Roberts has updated the full range of his WarpDatatypes and the WarpDTPrefs, the preferences program, and the new versions are available on his website.

In detail:
WarpDTPrefs Version 44.6
Preferences program for WarpJPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD & TIFF

WarpJPEG.datatype Version 44.23
JFIF-JPEG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS)

WarpPNG.datatype Version 44.19
PNG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS)

WarpTIFF.datatype Version 44.3
TIFF picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS)
(ps) (Translation: gf)

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