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Jan Andersen (e-mail)

Virus Help Denmark: Safe v16.4
A new version 16.4 of the virus detector 'Safe' has been released. Here are the details:

Name: Safe v16.4
Archive name: Safe.lha
Archive size: 36.313 bytes
Release date: August 23rd, 2001
Programmer: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Requires: Amiga with OS 2.04+ (xvs.library strongly recommended)

  • Totally reworked VECS option, which now allows to see the most interesting task fields!
  • Finally fixed all BUGS with 000 processors.
  • HitchHiker 5.0 is on the wild! Please wait for more detailed information and AV-software from Vht-Dk. Markus Schmall said he will take a look at this one.
(ps) (Translation: rh)

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