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Ignatios Souvatzis (E-Mail)

Repulse-driver for NetBSD/Amiga
A driver for the "repulse" board by Aliendesign was added to the NetBSD-current yesterday.

Repulse is a Zorro II interface to an AC97 compliant Audio CODEC and additional S/P-DIF circuitry. The NetBSD driver currently only supports 8-48 kHz mono or stereo 8 or 16 bit audio data from/to the analog part. The missing features will be added later.

The driver was added to NetBSD-current, the development branch of NetBSD. The NetBSD projects invites volunteers to test this code. Problems should be reported on the NetBSD port-amiga mailing list or (preferred) through the NetBSD bug tracking system.

The repulse driver is expected to be available in the NetBSD-1.6 formal release.

Additional information:
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