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Hugi Online (PC Demo-Szene Magazin) (ANF)

Max Payne developer are (active!) Amiga-freaks
Silvio Senger writes:
Maybe the following message does not really fit to the news but I think that it is interesting for most of the Amiga-fans:

For some weeks there is a new action hero in the PC-world called MAX PAYNE. It lasts nearly five years to develop the game and it certainly is one of the hits of this year, at least in the PC-fan-community. It is known that some Amiga-Fans developed this game.

On the this year's ASSEMBLY in Finland (with nearly 5000 visitors one of the biggest demo/LAN-parties; where the best freaks also compete in a "demo-competition" PC- and Amiga-demos have been shown together in one competition. It was amazing to see that a team which made its demo on a Amiga was the winner. (as reported).

And that is remarkable: The members of the group ´MatureFurk´ behind this demo all work at Mad Onion (known by its benchmark program 3DMark2001). The graphic artist mainly participates on Max Payne.

And there is another curious thing: Exactly the same group won on the last ASSEMBLY the PC-demo competition. The demo has the same name as the AMIGA winner demo on the ASSEMBLY 2001.

The following links are interesting:
Detailed interview with the graphic artist of the DEMO, which participates on Max Payne
Download of AMIGA DEMOS (requires 68060 + AGA + 16 MB memory!)
Download of the Amiga-Demo in MPEG format (13.3 MB)
PC-DEMO of the ASSEMBLY 2000 (same team)
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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