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Alexander Fritsch (ANF)

Tool: ScreamerII Version 0.84 for Amiga-Lightwave
Alexander Fritsch wrote:
Ray Darrah III released a new version of his ScreamerNet controller "ScreamerII". ScreamerII allows shared computing of Lightwave scenes on several machines.

ScreamerII but is essentially more flexible than the built-in ScreamerNet controller of Lightwave. For example one computer can render a picture while simultaneously another project gets edited in layout .

Furthermore other computers dynamic can be added to or removed from ScreamerNet. All machines can be reseted, computing will then be continued from the proper point ( no new starting picture must be defined in the project).

Additionally the single RenderNodes can have their own names, instead of CPU1, CPU2 like usual. The new version 0.84 fixes a small bug with the computer names display. A. Fritsch: "I've tested the program for several days and I'm excited!"

Download: ScreamerII.lha

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