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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: xvs.library v33.31
A new update of the "xvs.library" has been released today. In this new update the xvs.library should detect 99.9% of all 'Hitch-Hiker 5.00 virus". The programmer Jan Erik Olausen, has been working very hard for the last 10 days to get the recog. right for this very tricky virus.

Info about the new update of xvs.library:

Name: xvs.library v33.31
Archive name: xvslibrary.lha
Archive size: 58.874 bytes
Release date: 30 August 2001
Programmer: Jan Erik Olausen

News is v33.31:
  • Improved the Hitch-Hiker 5.00 Link virus. Should be able to detect 99.9% of this virus now... Thanks to Jan Andersen and Treveur BRETAUDIERE for the files
  • Fixed bug in recog for Bastard Installer 1 File virus
  • Added recog for 'EICAR STANDARD AV-TEST FILE'. This is not a virus, but a testfile that can be found on The purpose of this test file is to check that your favourite anti virus program really finds it! Deep inside arhcives etc... PS! This is a data file, so you might turn on the 'data file checking' in your virus killer. Thanks to Sami Rautiainen for telling me about this file.
Download shortcut:

Remember if you use VirusZ, VirusChecker, Safe and VirusExecutor you must update the xvs.library to have recog for the latest viruses.....

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