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Olaf Köbnik (e-mail)

Amiga Arena news
Amiga Arena - special price offer
In cooperation with Ronny Schütz the Amiga Arena makes a special price for XTrace possible. XTrace is an image processing program which allows to trace pictures in bitmap format and save them in a vector format.

This is very useful for the use of pictures in DTP programs. Some basic knowledge on desktop publishing, especially technical terms, are required to make full use of the possibilities of XTrace.

The pictures can be processed before and after tracing in a variety of ways to achieve as good results as possible. Some features of XTrace:
  • change of color
  • digital filter sequences
  • support of color curves
  • internal list of about 400 colors with own names
  • histogram view, stretching and equalization
  • conversion between different color types
  • powerful palette editor
  • aspect / DPI change
  • rotation (three-dimensional)
  • full transparency support
  • full clipboard and XPK support
  • CyberGraphX/Picasso96 support
  • fullscreen and font sensitive user interface
You'll find more information at the XTrace-Website.

With this special price offer you have the chance to show the developer Ronny Schütz that there's still interest in XTrace. He'd be happy about feedback and suggestions.
(ps) (Translation: rh)

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