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Tales of Tamar: LARP meeting, Amiga and Atari update
From 21. to 23. September 2001 the first medieval 'Tales of Tamar' meeting will take place near Kassel, Germany.

On that weekend a LARP-Con (a mixture of adventure, entertainment, fun, and suspense) will take place in a comfortable and romantic ambient. LARP means LiveAdventureRolePlaying and gives the Tales of Tamar players the chance to put their game character from the game into reality. Everything will be of medieval style. The players will have to wear proper clothing, they will talk medieval, there will be fights between the Draks and some players and in the evening they will discuss the current political situation on Tamar and drink Met (medieval honey wine).

Among others a medieval band will be there and even the radio station EinsLive ! This radio station has several millions listeners each day and they want to do an one-hour broadcast about the Con and Tales of Tamar.

Since the Amiga show planned for that date was canceled especially Amiga users are heartily invited to attend that meeting. Detailed information about the LARP-Con are to find here.

A new race was put to the world of Tamar in the AMIGA version V0.37 - the Orks.

So the ancient war between Orks and humans is blazing again. The Orks are a non-human race and controlled by the ToT-server, only. Usually they come from the mountains and try to create their own realms. They strictly start to fight against human players and will leave nothing undone to displace the humans from Tamar, again.

Now it's the players' turn. They might have to put aside their quarrels in order to be able to have the armies available required to fight the Orks.

Time will show if they will succeed.

The following was entirely ported from the Amiga version to the ATARI version V0.24:

the town, the tavern, the online chat, the mail editor, rune stone, the rain, the green triangles (vacation mode).

This makes the Atari version becoming more and more interesting. Also for that section still testers are wanted. The Tales of Tamar team welcomes Atari users. (sd) (Translation: mj)

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