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Markus Nerding (email)

H&P: news about AmigaOS XL
Markus Nerding (H&P) wrote:
Discussion forums
19. Sept. 2001: with the beginning of this week we created two discussion forums at Yahoogroups. First you have to register at Yahoogroups ( or and than subscribe to the group. The subscribing is only possible via (just enter there amigaxl or amithlon in the search field) because the national access doesn't know these groups. A real stupid error of Yahoogroups. Important hint: we recommend to discuss all questions in the group amigaxl as most of the people certainly can't know which emulator they'll use. More comprehensive instructions will follow tomorrow.

The dealing with the questions runs at full speed.
19. Sept. 2001: We are right now dealing with the countless questions that were asked. Using these we'll create further texts regarding the products Amithlon/AmigaXL to make the advantages and limitations more apparent. Please give us 1-2 days time for this ;-)
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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