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Music: ProStationAudio Millenium
September 2001: ProStationAudio Millenium, T8 and Remix compatible with SoundBlaster PCI boards.
ProStationAudio is successfully working with Creative's SoundBlaster PCI boards installed on Mediator busboards, under AmigaOS.

The software has just passed tests at an audio production facility, under daily working conditions. The test setup includes a Mediator PCI busboard, SoundBlaster 128 PCI, and VooDoo graphic card for displaying the ultra-hi-res PSA GUI.

Mediator 1200 PCI busboard

Audio hardware is accessed via AHI, drivers for additional Creative's models are due soon (SoundBlaster Live! to start with) by the busboard makers.

Elbox, makers of Mediator, confirm also that the PCI busboard supports installing two PCI graphic cards. ProStationAudio can take advantage of two display cards (and two monitors) for increased productivity. This feature, already supported for Zorro graphic cards, is now available also for PCI boards.

ProStationAudio is the reference audio editing/mastering software for AmigaOS. With this new developemnt on PCI hardware the range of supported hardware now includes:
  • Draco
  • Amiga with one or two CPU, up to two graphic cards, two monitors and any AHI-compatible audio card or stock audio chip. Graphic and audio cards can be on Zorro or PCI busses.
ProStationAudio supports also non-AHI pro cards such as the SoundStagePro DSP and provides direct access to NewTek Flyer, Sunrize Studio16 and Digidesign SD audio files, beside standard Amiga, Apple, Windows and Unix audio files includig MP3.

Informations on other PCI busboard options, such as the G-Rex specific for PPC accelerators owners, will be published as soon as audio drivers will be released by hardware makers. ProStationAudio is fully hardware independent and will work with any audio board, PCI or Zorro, provided AHI drivers are available from hardware vendors. (ps) (Translation: rh)

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