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Trizt (ANF)

A real Amiga IRC channel for real Amiga users
Amiga Users!
  • Tired of going to channels on net after net searching for some real amiga users who use real AMIGAs?
  • Tired of being in channels where there seems to be an ongoing linux or windows chat?
  • Tired of being ragged on by clone owners who think your silly to be on amiga still?
  • Feel like trying a channel where amiga is the only topic and there is talk about everything from amiga hardware to software?
  • Does the thought of an amiga emulator bother you?
  • There is such a place, it's called #DIEHARD and its on arcnet! Feel free to stop in,and be sure your using your amiga!

If you answer yes to the above questions, then maybe this is the channel for you. It was created by amiga users for amiga users who were tired of emulator, windows and linux being talked about in so called amiga channels.

Below are some popular servers to get there:

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