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DCE: VISIONARY Software for GREX 1200/ 4000 and BT 878 WINTV
Visionary is some kind of a remote control with a modern graphical interface. It gives access to the wide range of possibilities of the Visual Reality System. With it you can use modern TV/Video PCI-devices with the interface you prefer.

Visionary is made of modules. It supports a greate variety of chips and tuners. Support for new devices is easy to implement. Topicaly Visionary supports the following chips and tuners:
  • BT878
  • BT879
  • BT848
  • Conexant Fusion 878a
  • Conexant Fusion 879
  • Microtune Tuner
  • Philips Tuner
Visionary is not only easy to use but also skinable. You are not only able to watch TV on your Workebnch, Visionary also offers a cool way to do it. Additional information is available at the title link. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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