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Jörg Brenner (ANF)

Lexsite: Update of Hardware-Website
Today the Amiga-Hardware-Website is updated. New released on the Lexsite are following expansions:
  • Kupke Golem Turbo 1000 (Turboboard for A1000)
  • DCE SX 32 Pro (CD32-Turboboard and general expansion)
  • Commodore CDTV
  • AmiTrix SCSI-TV (SCSI-Controller for CDTV)
  • Breitfeld AccessX 500 & 2000 (IDE-Controller)
  • California Access Malibu (SCSI-Controller for Zorro II)
  • Commodore A570 (CD-ROM-Drive)
  • Expansion Systems DataFlyer 500 Express (SCSI-/IDE-Controller for A500)
  • GVP Impact A2000 (Series I) (SCSI-Controller for Zorro II)
  • HK-Computer Vector SCSI (SCSI-Controller for Zorro II)
  • Mainhattan Data Paradox (SCSI-Adaptor)
  • M.A.S.T. Tiny Tiger (SCSI-Adaptor)
  • Protar A500 HD (SCSI-Controller)
  • Roctec RocHard (IDE-Controller for A500)
  • Combitec S-RAM (Memoryexpansion for A500)
  • CP-Computer CP500 Plus/Vario 3 (Memoryexpansion for A500+)
  • CP-Computer MegiChip (ChipRAM-Expansion)
  • DKB Mem 1200 (Memoryexpansion for A1200)
  • Intelligent Memory Pro-RAM (Memoryexpansion for A500)
  • MacroSystem Multi Mega Box (Meoryexpansion for A500)
  • RBW RAM Fighter 2000 (Memoryexpansion for Zorro II)
  • W.A.W. 2MB ChipRAM Adaptor
  • W.A.W. BigRAM 25 (Memoryexpansion for A500)
  • W.A.W. BigRAM 30 (Memoryexpansion for A500+)

Also added are photos and/or gallery pictures for 15 expansions, more details here.

Many Thanks to all who gave material for the Lexsite. The website will be continued so we are still looking for supplements and pictures (especially about the latest expansions). (ps) (Translation: gf)

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