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Mariusz Wloczysiak (E-Mail)

Elbox approves software
Elbox Computer is pleased to announce formulation of its new policy aimed at ensuring total compatibility of software written for Mediator PCI busboards by external developers with hardware and software designed and produced by Elbox.

Medication by Richard Brooklyn is the first program for Mediator to obtain the status of "Approved by ELBOX." The "Approved by ELBOX" seal means that ELBOX guarantees this program to be fully compatible with Elbox hardware and software.

Medication is a tool for every Mediator user. It allows configuring all the PCI cards installed in the Mediator busboard in one easy-to-use MUI based GUI.

Medication allows configuring all of the supported PCI boards installed in Mediator. It enables setting of: tooltypes in the Picasso96 graphic system, graphic card parameters, AHI preferences and sound card settings, TV card settings and control over parameters of the screen displayed by the TV card.

See the screenshots of the Medication program:

More info about the Medication program:

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