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Alexander Kurtz (ANF)

Aminet: Initial beta version of the new amiNET.GUI
Alexander Kurtz wrote:
The amiNET.GUI is being reworked completely to be changed from a static HTML site to a dynamic PHP script.

This will bring much advantages to the users.

Now I'm able to offer the dowload pages in several languages and can even add more languages without any problem.

Moreover an automatic debriefing of the MOD (Message Of the Day) is possible. So the user immediately will be informed about trojans or viruses, if appear in the Aminet.

Before long it also will be possible to automatically let create a message on the news page, if you upload using amiNET.GUI

Soon I will be able to offer an operative version of AULA.

An initial beta version of the new amiNET.GUI is online. This is far from containing all of the functions, but already views the direction the amiNET.GUI is going.

My ambition is to get the amiNET.GUI off beta status until the Amiga meeting on 17. November 2001 in Bremen, Germany.

I would be very happy to learn about your opinion and/or suggestions, cause the amiNET.GUI wasn't made for me only, but for you. (sd)

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