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Gerd Frank (E-Mail)

AmiATLAS 6 - Release planned for 15. November 2001 (Update)
Gerd Frank is being thinning an optimizing his 1.5 million of AmiATLAS code lines, and whiping into shape 50 MB of map data, hotel guides and city guides. In all foresight AmiATLAS6 would be finished for the Cologne show in November and available from the booth of KDH and maybe from the booth of APC & TCP.

Changes since AmiATLAS5 (partial statement!).
  • All of the previous additional maps included, now.
  • Free updates (at least v3) until 30. June 2002, maybe even longer.
  • Updated and extended data set.
  • Extensive hotel guide, city guide, ....
  • Extended rout calculation (brakes, traffic jam menace, ...).
  • Functions speeded-up, some more than 30%.
  • Menus and dock bar free configurable.
  • GUI graphics (e.g. dock) easy to exchange.
  • GUI and display optimized and extended.
  • Phonetic search, e.g. for towns or street names.
  • External data tools for AVON, post code, and car registration numbers (city code).
  • External vehicle cost manager.
  • OS3.5/3.9 Support
  • Delivered on a coloured printed CD-RW in DVD-case with coloured cover.
  • Price 109,- DM
Possible to be ordered from:

AmiATLAS Development Team
c/o Gerd Frank
Wölsauerhammer 51
D-95615 Marktredwitz


Or from the popular AMIGA stockists.

For more information it is vital to have a look at he website for the prior version AmiATLAS5 at, but which is not topical!

Gerd Frank established a mailing list for bugreports, suggestions, and other discussions all about AmiATLAS: To register to this list, please send an e-mail with subject subscribe to

Update 05.10.2001:
Price statement changed. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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