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Installer: New packages for WHDLoad (up to 04.10.2001)
Games which were made for disk use only can be installed to harddisk thanks to WHDLoad. The following packages have been newly added or improved:

  • 04.10.01 new: Golden Eagle (Loriciel) done by CFOU!
  • 04.10.01 new: Cadaver Demo Level (Bitmap Brothers) done by JOTD
  • 03.10.01 fixed: Operation Stealth (Delphine) needs less memory now
  • 03.10.01 fixed: Dream Tripping (Digital) install script corrected (ReadMe,Image)
  • 03.10.01 fixed: Shadow of the Beast 3 (Psygnosis) intro in PAL version fixed
  • 03.10.01 new: Slightly Magic (Code Masters) done by Bored Seal
  • 03.10.01 improved: Fire Force (ICE) support for CD≥≤ version added
  • 03.10.01 new: Crazy Cars (Titus) done by CFOU!
  • 03.10.01 new: Ballistix (Psyclases/Reflexions) done by CFOU!
  • 01.10.01 new: Wayne Gretzky Hockey (Betchesda SoftWorks) done by CFOU!
  • 01.10.01 improved: Tetrix (Markus Olinger/CT-Verlag) supports another version and a small fix
  • 01.10.01 improved: Run the Gauntlet (Ocean) supports another version
  • 01.10.01 fixed: Quest of Agravain (Codemasters) small change
  • 01.10.01 new: Knight Force (Titus) done by CFOU!
  • 30.09.01 improved: Kult/Chamber Of The Sci-Mutant Priestess (Exxos/Infogrames) supports another version
(ps) (Translation: rh)

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