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AMPlifier V2.32
AMPlifier is mainly a convenient player program for MP3 (MPEG) audio, but it can also play a variety of 16 bit sound formats (AIFF, MAUD, WAV, RAW). AMPlifier supports hardware-based MPEG audio decoders as well as software decoding through mpega.library. The visual appearance can be adapted by the user through so-called 'Skins' to suit her own preferences. Since the same system as in WinAMP is used, thousands of complete skins are available.

AMPlifier now has features requested by users:
  • ReAction user interface
  • works with packed skins (.wsz)
  • ID3v2 tag support improved
  • two new ARexx commands
  • direct input of URLs for MP3 streaming
  • saving of MP3 streams to harddisk
Download: amplifier232.lha (ps) (Translation: rh)

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