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Andre Geisler (ANF)

Game: Payback PPC/W3D available
Payback PPC and the Warp3D version for 68k and PPC is available at Apex Designs since today. In Payback the player is taking over the role of a young fleeing driver and is trying to become a big gangster boss.

A new 68k version has been released, too. The following new features have been added:
  • PowerPC support
  • Warp3D support
  • Gouraud shading
  • Rotating 3D mode
  • You can now add custom textures to user maps
  • Map preview added to rampage and multiplayer setup screens
  • Fonts and in-game images are automatically scaled up at resolutions of 640x400 and above
  • Finnish and Dutch language support
  • Lots of minor bug fixes
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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