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Mariusz Wloczysiak (email)

Elbox: Warp3D running on Voodoo3, 4 and 5 in Mediator
Elbox Computer is humbly informing all the Amiga fans that Warp3D Voodoo drivers for Mediator PCI busboards are on the release now.

Warp3D drivers prepared by Hyperion Entertainment for Mediator PCI busboards work flawlessly on PPC & 68k processors with the following graphic cards:

- Voodoo3 2000/3000,
- Voodoo4 4500,
- Voodoo5 5500.

Warp3D Voodoo drivers are now included in the software package bundled with all the Mediator PCI busboards.

For all the registered users of Mediator PCI busboards Warp3D Voodoo drivers are available free of charge directly and exclusively from Elbox Computer.

Because of the different comments we have contacted Hyperion and asked for an official statement that was sent to us just now by Hans-Jörg Frieden via email.

Here the official comment of the Warp3D team:

First some facts:
  • No member of the Warp3D team owns a Voodoo 4/5.
  • We don't have any documentation about it.
  • There were never talks about support for Voodoo 4/5. The drivers in their current form, no matter whether for Prometheus, G-REX or Mediator, was designed for a Voodoo3/Avenger and are functionally identical.
In general it can't be excluded that the Avenger driver works with other chips of the Voodoo family. This includes the Banshee as well as the Napalm (VSA-100 of the V4/5). But it is out of question to take on support or guarantee for the operation in any way. Should it really work (that couldn't be tested by now) then it is pure chance. And it doesn't need to work with all existing boards or revisions of the chips.

Should it come out that the drivers really work with the Napalm chips it will probably count the same for the Prometheus as well as the G-REX busboards.

But: neither Hyperion Entertainment nor the Warp3D team can guarantee in any way the operating of the drivers with any Napalm based graphics board. As far as we are concerned we do only deliver support for Voodoo 3.


Hans-Joerg Frieden
Senior Software Developer, Hyperion Entertainment

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