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Carsten Schröder (ANF)

Magazine: AMIGA aktuell 10/2001 released
The October issue of AMIGA aktuell contains among other things
  • an up-to-the-minute interview with AMIGA president Bill McEwen,
  • many information regarding the Amiga emulators AmigaXL and Amithlon, including a preview and several comments,
  • a final word titled »Is the PowerPC nearing its end?«,
  • a review of the IDE-SCSI adapter »HighPerTEC SCSIDE-BR2«,
  • the first part of a workshop about shared filesystems,
  • a preview of the space game »Descent: Freespace«,
and much more. AMIGA aktuell 10/2001 can be read online on our website or be downloaded in HTMl or AmigaGuide format. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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