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Olaf Köbnik

Amiga Arena: AmiATLAS, Bonds
Amiga Arena - Special Price Project
In cooperation with the AmiATLAS development team the Amiga Arena make possible a special price for AmiATLAS 6.

Until and including 20. October 2001 you can preorder AmiATLAS 6 at the special price of only 99,- DM stead of 109,- DM at the Amiga Arena.

Registering via the Amiga Arena can be done by filling in the survey form at the 'Aktionen' area .

Note: Owners of AmiATLAS 5 might have even cheaper update possibilities since negotiations were not finished, yet.

AmiATLAS - The Story continues
When the Amiga Arena made possible version 2.0 to be released for free further development of AmiATLAS was not really sure to be done.

Thanks to good cooperation of Adreas R. (Innovative Software Solutions) and the Amiga Arena it was possible to find Gerd F. to take the task of further development of AmiATLAS

The more I'm happy about the AmiATLAS development team to able to present version 6 before long.

By this I would like to make you aware that WE (developers, users meaning Amiga users!) with a bit personal initiative are able to move many a things.

Feedback of any kind is very important to all developers. This issue should not be underestimated.

The Amiga Arena wishes the AmiATLAs development team much success and hopes that the users will take this project.

Olaf K. - Amiga Arena

Amiga Arena - Special Price
The special price for Bonds is still valid thru 31. October 2001. (sd) (Translation: mj)

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